Twitter Starters

Judy Vedder Internet Marketing

New to Twitter?  Not sure exactly what to tweet?  Try some of these Twitter starters for ideas.  Where indicated, you should include a shorten link with each tweet to keep under the 140 character limit.

  1. Working with a new client on…
  2. Just launched a new product/service… [link to more info on your website]
  3. [Your Company Name] in the news.. [news link]
  4. Get your FREE copy of [link to whitepaper, e-book or other offering]
  5. Interesting Book on … [book title or link]
  6. Great Blog article on … [blog link — yours or someone else’s]
  7. Breaking news… [list industry news & link]
  8. Tips on how to … [link to blog article]
  9. Great business advice.. [link to article]
  10. Funny video on… [Youtube link]
  11. Awesome photos from … [Flickr link]
  12. Free Trial/Tool … [link to offer]

These are just some ideas to get you started on twitter.  And don’t forget re-tweets to share information you think is important and to build a relationship with the owner of the original tweet.

Do you have any twitter starters that might be helpful?  Please share in the comments below.