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Although the world and our country are in a profound crisis, Web Image Designs is both hopeful and thankful. Brilliant scientific minds are developing vaccines to combat COVID-19. Members of the Web Image Designs family are safe and healthy. The majority of our clients have been able to adjust their businesses to remain operational during the pandemic.

However, not all businesses have been able to adjust and this has lead to job loss and increased hunger. According to Worcester County Food Bank 1 in 12 people, and 1 in 9 Children, in Worcester County do not have enough healthy food to eat. To think that people in our own community are going hungry is heartbreaking. Therefore, as Web Image Designs reflects on our wonderful clients and our good fortune we decided to make a donation to the Worcester County Food Bank in the name of our clients.

94% of all fund donations directly support Worcester County Food Bank’s food distribution and advocacy programs. Every $1 you give enables Worcester County Food Bank to distribute $4 worth of donated food. We encourage others to join us to help fight hunger by donating to your local food bank.

We wish you all safe and happy holidays and we look forward to 2021 with hope and renewed energy and creativity.

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      Anne, I am so happy to hear that you also donated to this worthy cause. Happy holidays to you, your family, and your colleagues!

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