Social Media is like Wine Tasting

Judy Vedder Internet Marketing

I just returned from my annual vacation to the North Fork of Long Island.  The North Fork (NOFO) is the perfect family vacation spot and somewhat of a hidden gem.  There is something for everyone – from beaches and boating to golf and outlet shopping, even a great water park for the kids.  But best of all, NOFO is also known as “wine country” – home to almost 50 vineyards.  If you are a wine drinker, be it serious or casual, this is the place to be!

The vineyards all have wine tasting rooms.  Some are quite beautiful, overlooking the immaculate rows of grape vines.  When on vacation, wine tasting is one of my favorite pastimes!  At a tasting you get to sample a variety of wines, usually starting with the lighter whites and graduating to the full-bodied reds.  Wine tasting used to be free (back in the day) but due to abuse (vineyard-hopping) most wineries have started to charge a nominal fee.  This is fine by me.  If I like the wine I’ll buy a bottle or two, and if I don’t like it then I don’t feel obligated to buy.

So what’s the connection between wine tasting and social media?

Just as the wineries give away a little wine with hopes that you’ll buy a bottle, in social media you also need to give a little with hopes that maybe you’ll gain something in return.  You can give a little advice, share a blog article or video, and build relationships with others who share common interests.  Perhaps you’ll gain some business, perhaps you won’t.  But you won’t know until you try.