Rules for Successful Email Marketing Strategy

Judy Vedder Internet Marketing

Email Marketing is a great way to promote your products or services to your customers.  It’s an excellent way to let your customers know about new products or services, sales promotions or upcoming events.  A newsletter can also be used to educate clients, giving them useful tips or advice.

The following rules will help you to make your email marketing campaign a successful part of your overall Internet Marketing Strategy.

Rule #1: Quality is better than Quantity.
You want to build a quality email list of people who are actually interested in hearing what you have to say.  A small, targeted list of interested customers is much better than a huge list of people who are just going to delete your newsletter without even reading it.

How do you build a quality list?  By asking people’s permission.  When you speak to someone on the phone, ask them if they would like to be put on your mailing list.  Have a sign-up form on your website and add the link to your email signature.  If people willingly give you their contact information, then they will be interested in receiving your newsletters.

Rule #2:  Choose a consistent and familiar “From” name

People are inundated with so much junk mail these days.  To wade through it all, studies have shown that people usually look at the “From” field first to see if they recognize the sender’s name.  If they don’t recognize the name, then the odds are much lower that they’ll open the email.

Rule #3:  Write Attention Getting Subject Lines

Do not use “Monthly Newsletter from…”  Instead, try to write subject lines that are short, concise and grab the reader’s attention.  What are your subscribers interested in?  What could you write that would entice them to further investigate and open the email?

Rule #4:  Write Valuable Content

Think of your audience – Who are you writing for and what are their interests?  Share your expertise, include facts & testimonials, give guidance & directions, offer discounts & coupons, hold contests & giveaways.

Rule #5: Keep your content concise.

Write attention grabbing headings and short teaser paragraphs, which link to larger bodies of content on your website or blog.

Rule #6:  Include Calls-to-Action

Your newsletter should encourage them to take action, such as “read more” (redirecting them to your website or blog) or “call now.”  If it applies to your business or offer, add a sense of urgency such as, “sale end tonight at midnight.”

Rule #7:  Measure Results

Find out what works and what doesn’t by reviewing your email marketing analytics.  Which newsletter topics have gotten the most clicks or forwards?  This will help you learn more about your target audience and help you to focus better on their needs.

If you have other “Rules” that you would recommend for running a successful email campaign, please share in the comments below.