Make Every Monday Cyber Monday with Social Media

Judy Vedder Internet Marketing

We all love a bargain.

OK.  I admit it.  The first thing I did when I got to work this morning was to go online to see if there were any amazing Cyber Monday sales online.  I really didn’t find anything that knocked my socks off, but it got me thinking about how businesses could create their own “Cyber Monday” phenomenon using social media.

Everyone likes to feel like they are getting a good deal.  Why not give your customers what they want?  A Cyber Monday special every Monday!  Why save it for just the Monday after Thanksgiving?

I’m not suggesting that you go broke giving away your products, but you could have a special offer each week that drives traffic to your web site and social media would be the perfect tool to do so.

I’ve seen large retailers offer special savings exclusive to their Facebook fans or Twitter followers.  It does make you wonder what you are missing if you don’t sign up.

So, on your website and in your newsletters, let your customers know that they can get on the “inside” if they fan you on Facebook or follow you on Twitter.  Use one or both to announce the Cyber Monday sale of the week — exclusive to your followers.  And if you consistently post the offer around the same time each Monday, people will start to expect it and even look forward to receiving your Cyber Monday online special.

Over time, you’ll watch your list of followers grow and your sales too!