Choosing a Domain Name

Judy VedderWebsite Hosting

This can be a very simple decision if your company name is available:

But what if it’s not available?  What do you do then?

If you are a start-up company, this should be part of the process when you are deciding on a company name.  Make sure the domain name is available and buy it now!  Don’t wait or it might not be available later.  If you are deciding between a few different company names, you may want to buy all of them until your decision is final.  At $10 per year, domains are cheap!  If the name you want is not available, then you may want to try variations on the company name until you find one with an available domain.

If you have an established business and your domain name is not available, you may need to get creative — but not too creative!  You want to choose a name that will be easy to spell and remember.  Always keep your customers in mind as you choose your domain name.  For example, most lawyers use their middle initial in their practice, but will clients searching for you remember your middle initial?  Most likely not.

Play around with different options – many hosting companies will even make suggestions for you if the first domain you enter is not available.  Some options to consider are:

  • Abbreviate your company name
  • Add inc or llc to the domain name if applicable
  • Separate words in the company name with dashes
  • Choose a different extension, such a .NET instead of .COM

Another option to seriously consider is to use your keywords in the domain name.  If you sell widgets, then check to see if is available.  The greatest benefit to this option is that your site will rank higher for the keywords that are found in your domain name.

Choosing you domain name is an important decision. Choose wisely.