what is a domain name

What is a Domain Name?

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Getting a Domain Name should be one of your first steps in establishing an internet presence for you your business. A domain name must be unique much like a mailing address must be unique. A mailing address is made up …

web hosting

Web Hosting Services Explained

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Over the years I have had a lot of clients question what web hosting services provide and why they receive a recurring charge for the service. Within the last month I have had two clients who have web hosting accounts …

Get your .CO domains today!

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Open Registration for the .CO Domain starts today. So if you missed out on getting your company’s name with a .COM extension, you may want to purchase the newly available .CO. .CO was once the domain suffix reserved for businesses in the …

Choosing a Domain Name

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This can be a very simple decision if your company name is available: www.yourcompanyname.com But what if it’s not available?  What do you do then? If you are a start-up company, this should be part of the process when you …

Choosing the Right Website Hosting Company

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Choosing the right website hosting company can be a difficult decision.  The sheer number of hosting companies out there is overwhelming.  And trying to compare the different packages can be like comparing apples to oranges if you don’t know what …