website copyright

Website Copyright FAQ

webimagedesignsInternet Marketing, Website Design

As a website developer I frequently get questions related to the website copyright, which often is found in the website’s footer, and the legal use of images on a website. To help answer these questions I sat down with Barbara …

YouTube Marketing

8 Things You Need To Do To Effectively Market on YouTube

Judy VedderInternet Marketing

In today’s constantly connected world, successfully promoting your company means creating a fabulous website, dutifully posting blog entries, and staying current with social media. However, you’re missing out on excellent advertising opportunities if you’re not also effectively marketing on YouTube. …

Using Hashtags on Facebook

Judy VedderInternet Marketing

Hashtags (#, also known as the pound or symbol sign) have long been one of Twitter’s most popular features. They help with building exposure and add a tracking mechanism for trending topics and products. With Google +, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and …

How to Build Up Your Facebook Fan Numbers

Judy VedderInternet Marketing

When it comes to online marketing, many business owners are influenced by the mistaken notion that “if you build it, they will come”. Sadly, the real world of marketing doesn’t operate like Kevin Costner’s Field of Dreams. Setting up and …

Pinterest for Business

Judy VedderInternet Marketing

What’s so “Pinteresting” about today’s fastest-growing social networking phenomenon? Is it mostly for brides planning their weddings, or recipe hunters looking for creative dinner ideas? Or is there value in it for businesses, too? Pins and Boards Before we answer …

How to Use Google + Circles

Judy VedderInternet Marketing

When Google + came on the scene in June 2011, it was the internet giant’s attempt to “compete” with Facebook. To date, Google + has not been able to attract the sheer numbers that have joined Facebook (1.15 billion at …