website maintenance

The Importance of Website Maintenance

Judy Vedder WordPress

Are you one of those businesses that builds a website but never updates it? If so, you need to know that letting your website go could actually be harming your business. Here are some reasons why: Accuracy Businesses change and …

web design process

The Web Design Process

Judy Vedder Website Design

When clients contact me for a new website they often do not know where to start. I lead them through the web design process phases and steps needed to design and develop a website that will truly support their business …

WordPress HTTPS


webimagedesigns WordPress

Currently Google’s Chrome browser puts an “i” in the middle of a circle in front of a websites url address if they are not running the HTTPS protocol. This has gone unnoticed by a lot of people. You need to …

website copyright

Website Copyright FAQ

webimagedesigns Internet Marketing, Website Design

As a website developer I frequently get questions related to the website copyright, which often is found in the website’s footer, and the legal use of images on a website. To help answer these questions I sat down with Barbara …

wordpress website designer selection

WordPress Website Designer Selection

Judy Vedder Website Design, WordPress

WordPress website designer selection is a very important step in your website project. There are hundreds of website designers to choose from, and unlike some professions, there is no exam to demonstrate a minimum level of competency. Anyone with a …

web image designs 10 years

Web Image Designs Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Judy Vedder Website Design

Web Image Designs, a Massachusetts-based web marketing firm, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. Over the 10 years of business technology has changed greatly, but Web Image Designs’ commitment to the highest quality customer service has not changed. Thank you to …