YouTube Marketing

8 Things You Need To Do To Effectively Market on YouTube

Judy VedderInternet Marketing

In today’s constantly connected world, successfully promoting your company means creating a fabulous website, dutifully posting blog entries, and staying current with social media. However, you’re missing out on excellent advertising opportunities if you’re not also effectively marketing on YouTube. Video is the next wave of content marketing, so it’s essential to optimize YouTube tools to drive traffic and convert leads into customers.

A few tips can help you increase your online visibility, and they’re easy to master with some time and patience.

  1. Start simple by borrowing video content from other channels to create a favorites list. It takes some skill to deliver effective videos, but you can get some assistance from existing content in the meantime. Use keywords and search terms to locate videos on topics that are of interest to your potential customers, and develop a catalog for your own channel.
  2. You should streamline your YouTube and other web content for a seamless, integrated approach. Establish close ties by embedding video on your site and utilizing tagging features to create a united front. Consistent brand recognition is the foundation of trust, which is key to driving sales.
  3. It’s important to recognize that YouTube is a social media construct, not simply a depository for video content. Viewers who like your videos will share them across multiple outlets, increasing your online presence.
  4. Invest in YouTube advertising for maximum visibility. Placing ads requires the user to view the message before their intended video, so they’ll actually see the content and can click through to your page.
  5. Diversity is essential for effectively marketing on YouTube, so broaden your horizons when creating video content. Upload videos that range from 30 seconds to two minutes, and cover a wide variety of topics in your field.
  6. Take advantage of YouTube’s channel customization tools to enhance your brand recognition. Upload your company’s logo and use the color features to coordinate the channel home page.
  7. Re-use and recycle your existing content to create new videos. For instance, you can gather photo stills to develop a slide show, complete with voice over and other audio capabilities.
  8. When creating original content, the “how-to” video should be at the top of your list. An enormous percentage of users online are seeking this type of information, and explanatory content makes them more likely to find your company.

There are many other tactics you can use to generate website traffic from YouTube, including embedding videos on your site and utilizing tagging features. In general, effectively marketing on YouTube means learning and using the site’s tools to gain the attention of viewers. Engage them with interesting, entertaining, or educational content, and you’ll earn their business.